Original Artworks by Lisa Lapointe

Inspired by spiritual, religious and indigenous mythologies, referencing and exploring facets of Shamanism, (evident in works, such as 'Panther', 'Hara', 'Owl', 'Valley of the Serpent' and 'Moon'.) Lisa Lapointe focuses on creating images of power and encourages the viewer to dream forward – into the future – not backward into the past.

The key themes Lapointe draws from Shamanism are healing, power and dreaming – ultimately our connection to spirit. She is particularly drawn to the connection Shamanism has with nature and the earth. How plants can be great healers and animals powerful guides. The idea of a Shaman being able to mend the soul with this great knowledge.

Lapointe looks deep within herself and draws upon her own inner psyche, which she sees as a vibrantly coloured geometric world. She translates this world into a totally original prismatic language resulting in powerful transcendental like imagery – chaotic yet serene. 

The act of drafting itself becomes a form of meditation. Hours of hand colouring large-scale works in turn becomes a spiritual practice. Her works are primarily hand drawn - coloured pencil on paper, with large scale works up to almost 2 metres tall and taking anywhere from 6-12 weeks to complete a single piece. The result is truly unique work.