Spirit People - By Lisa Lapointe

Hand lathed and carved from solid Australian pine wood, weighing upwards of 10kg and standing at roughly 1 metre tall, these one-of-a-kind hand made sculptures by Lisa Lapointe are nothing short of breathtaking. Each work is hand painted and adorned by Lapointe herself.

Using a variety of mixed media including gold leaf, feathers, natural strings and fibres, leather, metals and paints are are applied to transform these solid wood forms into unique and truly majestic works of art.

Ever present is the influence and reference to the spiritual and religious in these works, along with powerful symbolism drawing on Lapointe's influences and continual fascination with Shamanism. As if poetically transcending from spirit to animal, we witness Lapointe's distinct visions on paper - morph into colourful, iconic three dimensional sculptural forms.

Through these idolatry sculptures we are not only witnessing Lapointe's compositions and intricate works on paper taking new life in the physical form, we also have the ability to experience their presence and appreciate her vision on an entirely new personal, emotional and tactile level.