About Lisa Lapointe

Sydney based pencil artist Lisa Lapointe, draws upon spiritual, religious and indigenous mythology in her art. There is also an obvious connection with the primitive, but the colours are if anything futuristic. This ‘Yin and Yang’ in her work is pertinent for it allows Lapointe to take risks. Nothing is as it seems and the aesthetics found in her work are not necessarily there to please. The end result though, is unashamedly optimistic – “We are heading into a new future,” Lapointe enthuses.

Lapointe looks deep within herself and draws upon her own inner psyche, which she sees as a vibrantly colored geometric world. She translates this world into a totally original prismatic language resulting in powerful transcendental like imagery – chaotic yet serene. The act of drafting itself becomes a form of meditation. Hours of hand coloring large-scale works in turn becomes a spiritual practice.
The result is truly unique work.

Lisa Lapointe did a Bachelor of Fine Arts at CoFA, UNSW. She lives in Sydney, Australia.